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Isachenko Maxim

Maxim is a highly versatile Russian avant-garde artist who started his career over 13 years ago and has been exhibited in Moscow, Smolensk, Omsk, Kaliningrad, Berlin, Hagen, Miami, Baltimore and New York.

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Born in a small Russian town, I have always felt that wall between society and myself. The internal conflict of not fitting into this world is reflected in my earlier paintings. “The flaws” that the society saw in me turned me into a madman but at the same time stimulated me to develop my art and to open my first personal exhibitions. That is how I seized an opportunity to get out to the big city and to get people to experience the appreciation solely of my art, without any subjective attitude to me as a person. This facilitated the search for a new mechanism, a trigger for my art, so that conflict with society and the inability to find people who shared my world view did not influence my creativity anymore. The harmony that I acquired together with these new spectators revealed a follower of existential philosophy in me. This turned into a new stage in my art, resulting in the implementation of the new colour schemes. Admiration of the world around me, observation, search for myself and acceptance of the human uniqueness became the primary goals both of my personal world and of my art. 

Maxim's creative work is a mixture of styles such as figurative, impressionism, conceptual, expressionism,

experimental painting, metaphysical painting and minimalism. Improving his outlook and being more careful in selecting materials and concepts for his work, he has discovered his own language for transferring deep emotional experiences onto canvas.